Pitching  Movement Enhancement & Correctives
Flat Ground & Mound Water Bag – Ball & Med Ball Movements

Main Movement Pattern Approach & Focus – Loaded Hips Kick Stand & Hand Break → Drive → Land → RIP To Swim

  • It is not about Balance, but a focus on Dynamic Controlled Acceleration
  • Loaded Hips (Setup Posture) = Find the ground (Ride the Rail & Cork Screw the Trail Leg) Load the Pelvis and Control the Hips for the entire move
    • Hinge It → Lock It → Close It → Rip It Down Around Hip Lock Over (DAHLO)
  • Kick Stand & Hand Break = Rhythm Leg Lift to Hip Hinge Drop In with an Up Down Move With Center of Mass Slightly Infront of Trail Foot
    • Create Momentum with Hip Hinge [Both Hips] and Ride the Hinge (Slide) into Lead Foot Contact – the Lead Hip has to be Hinged as well in order to allow the Lead Hip to Close for Lead Leg Blocking) (Ride The Hip Hinge Into Foot Contact = Elite Mover)
  • Drive (Trail Pocket Stretch) = Towards Plate While Cork Screwing the Trail Foot into the Ground as the Trail Knee remains Over the Trail Toes (Kick Stand Trail Side Stack) and simultaneously the Hands Break and Riding The Slide Begins (Hand Break Starts the Arm Action) ( Ride the Slide With Momentum Speed) (Let Wrist Feel Light) Connection is what drives Rotational Whipping of the Arm
  • Land (Hip & Shoulder Separation) – At Lead Foot Contact The Belt Buckle is Pointed Towards Plate while the Lead Shoulder is pointed just off the plate with Elbow Behind the Back — Lower Half Moves as a Merry Go Round → Upper Half Moves as a Ferris Wheel
  • Rip to Swim – Turn the Middle Fast Into Lead Hip Lock Out (Leg Blocking) while maintaining Hip and Shoulder SeparationRip It — Is The Release of the Ball Throw with Command Intent with a Balanced Finish

Trail Leg Cork Screw – Loaded Hip

  • Pre Set Trail Hip and Ride The Hip
  • Trail Hip Drop In and Ride The Hip

Kick Stand Progression – Dry → Full Move → Full Speed

  • Your Reps Equal Your Feel – Do As Many As You Want
  • Squeeze Your Body & Joints To Control Your Space

Arm Positions

  • Elbow Position
  • Scarecrow Position
  • 90* Position

Glove Position

  • Load The Elbow (Turn Tight)

Hand Break — Arm Spiral

  • Chest → Shoulder → Elbow → Wrist → Hand

Warm Up & Post Throwing Recover Routine

  1. Hip & T Spine Mobility – 1 Set to Feel
    1. CARS + Fire Hydrants + Donkey Kicks
    1. Bird Dog – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTFwR6PU1ek
    1. Planks (High Push Up)(Posture Fix) – 30 Seconds
    1. Dead Bug & Bird Dog Holds
    1. Cat & Cow (Posture Fix) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqnua4rHVVA
    1. Reach Through – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_1qX_7o0zc
  2. Shoulders & Back
    1. Hurdle Blackburns
    1. Push Up Position Band Around The World
  3. Standing – 1 Set x 5 Second Holds
    1. Wall Slides (Foam Roller)
    1. Shoulder Elbow Raises – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGVHv9w_o0w
    1. Rear Arm Lift Off – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjrW7eedx7I
    1. Bent Arm Cross Body Stretch – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaR_T0aUoew
    1. Shoulder Mobility Reach – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_66p7a6Opk&t=13s
  4. Lat Stretches – 1 Set to Feel
    1. Reach to the Sky Lateral Bends
    1. Bent Over Lat
    1. High Hangs
  5. Push Ups (Posture Fix) – 2 Sets x 5 Reps
  6. Bands – 1 Sets x 5 Reps
    1. Pull Apart
  7. Overhead Reach Stretch (Posture Fix)
  8. Y Raises (Posture Fix)
  9. Plyo Ball – 1 Set x 5 Reps – Keep Doing the Loaded Arm Window
    1. Shakes + Upward Toss + Mini Arm Circles + Gravity Drops + Phelp 90* Flaps + Stir The Pot
    1. Rebounders
    1. Cans – ‘I’ & ‘Y’
  10. Med Ball (1 lb) Wall Dribbles
    1. Overhead
    1. 90*
    1. 1 Arm Around The World
    1. Lateral

Pitching Movement Correctives

Warm Up

  1. Strength
    1. Seated OH MB Throw
    1. Step In OH MB Throw
    1. Side Static Shot Put MB Throw
    1. Jump Back Step Side Shot Put MB Throw – Both Sides
    1. Partner Toss To Jump Back Step Side Shot Put MB Throw – Both Sides
    1. Rocker MB Punch
    1. MB Leg Lift Rock The Baby Punch
    1. Back Step Walk In MB Punch
    1. Water Ball Leg Lift Rock The Baby Shake Drop Finish
    1. Mound
      1. Leg Lift x 2 KS MB Punch
      1. Leg Lift x 2 KS OH MB Throw
      1. Leg Lift x 2 KS OH MB Slam
  2. Movement Prep
    1. PVS Kick Stand
    1. Kick Stand
      1. Holds Body Weight
      1. Holds Hug Water Bag
      1. Holds to Finish Hug Water Bag
      1. Holds to Finish Water Ball
    1. KS Walks
    1. PVC KS to Finish
  3. Band Movement Routine
  • Pelvic – Hip Hinge Engagement
    • Water Bag Hug KS Position Knee Over Toe Out Elevator (Ground Connection) CV

  • Loaded Hips (Setup Posture) — Kickstand Stretch & Ride The Slide
    • PVC Ride The Slide (Trail Leg Cork Screw) CV
    • Water Bag Hug Ride the Slide (Connected Acceleration) CV
    • Water Bag Hug Back To Target KS Swim To Finish (Trail Leg Cork Screw)
    • Water Ball Split Stance Back Step Up Hill Sky Punch (Direction & Trail Leg Force Production)
    • Kick Stand Walk The Line (Find The Ground) CV

  • Kick Stand & Hand Break Turn Deep – Merry Go Around
    • Water Bag Hug Kickstand Swim To Finish (Connected Acceleration) CV
    • Water Bag Over Shoulders (Merry Go Around & Ferris Wheel) CV
    • Water Ball Kickstand Lateral Punch To Swim Without The Water Ball (Force Production)
    • Water Ball Trail Leg 3 Inch Drop In Elevator Shakes – Drop & Finish (Trail Leg Force Production)

  • Drive (Trail Pocket Stretch)
    • Water Bag Hug Walk Through Hold (Direction) CV
    • Water Ball Back Step Over Hurdle To 145* Chop Down Stick (Trail Leg Force Production)
  • Land (Hip & Shoulder Separation)
    • Water Bag Hug Kickstand Frontal Hold Quick Stop (Hip Shoulder Separation Hip Release)
    • Water Bag Over Shoulders Forward Hop x 2 KS Swim To Finish (Force Production) CV
  • Rip to Swim – Ferris Wheel
    • PVC Over Shoulders (Merry Go Around & Ferris Wheel) CV
    • Med Ball Swim To Finish (Shoulder Punch) CV
    • Water Ball KS Swim To Finish (Directional Force Production) CV
    • Walter Ball KS Lateral Punch x 2 Shake x 2 Drop Swim To Finish – Throw A Baseball
    • Hands Late – Shoulder Punch & Arm Spiral Water Bag Stirring Wheel Rotation KS Swim To Finish Drop – Throw A Ball
    • Rope Throw – KS Throw To Swim To Finish CV
    • Rope Throw – Step Back Over Wicket KS Throw To Swim To Finish CV
    • Water Ball RDL Single Leg Chop Down Shake x 2 Drop – Throw A Baseball
    • RDL Single Leg KS Over Wicket Throw A Baseball

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