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Coach Clark

I have coached a number of levels and worked with a number of hitters; both baseball and softball and each time I work with a hitter, I understand that they want to enjoy hitting, but struggle with moving as a hitter. I have a number of athletic performance certifications, advance degrees, and my own research and what I have learned to this point in my career is that everyone can hit! What separates the great hitters is their desire to be the best and not get beat by any pitcher. I call these hitters 'crazy' hitters. As they love to hit, but more importantly they love the process of getting better and become students of the game.


Training athletes is more than just going to the gym. You must first understand what the athlete's goals are and where they are in achieving their goals. And then develop a program that not only helps the athlete achieve their goal but learn how to take their goal beyond their current vision.