What is it?

You hit with your eyes and feet…

I say this often as I truly believe this is the case. As a hitter, the hitter is trying to organize their own body (movement pattern) while tracking a moving object (ball) that the hitter has no idea on when the ball is going to be released by the pitcher, where the ball will cross the plate, what the speed of the ball will be, and what kind of spin the ball will have. I have learned a tremendous amount over the last five years on what it takes to hit a ball. What I have conclude at this time is that a hitter must be athletic, trusting, and most of all determined to not get beat by the pitcher.  What I have put together here is an approach to developing hitters with a long term approach that I am calling – Athletic Long Term Swing Development. It is not a simple approach, but it is a rewarding approach to all hitters; regardless of age and/or skill level.

Why is it best?

  • Develops the athlete first
  • Effectively reduces movement issues in space
  • Improves muscular and joint tension

Training Approach

  • Should complete a physical screening
  • Should take ownership of their development
  • Are athletes and should train as athletes
  • Should understanding that moving better means hitting better
  • Hitting is training
  • Hitting is a daily activity
  • Velocity is enemy
  • Track swing metrics as tracking is measuring progress
  • Power can be trained, but not as a swing drill
  • Increasing Force Production is the GOAL