Preparing the body to compete is a must as the ending result of your performance begins at the beginning!

Mobility Routine

This Mobility Routine is geared towards mitigating the well – know asymmetries that baseball and softball players have a tendency to develop such as:

  • Posterior shoulder capsule tightness (IR deficit)
  • Decreased thoracic spine rotation towards throwing side
  • Lead hip IR deficit
  • Trail Leg hamstring deficit

Open Books 90 / 90 (Promotes shoulder and spine mobility)

Open Books Scapular Rotation (Promotes Scapular, Shoulder and Spine Mobility)

Rotator Cuff Self Release (Decreases cross-bridge formation and maintains flexibility)

Single Leg Kneeling Rotations (Promotes Hip & Shoulder Disassociation and Spinal Mobility)

Needle Thread Stretch (Promotes Spinal & Hip Mobility and Hip & Shoulder Disassociation)

Sprinter Stretch (Promotes Hamstrength Length)

Strengthening Routine

Scapular Walks (Promotes Elbow, Wrist, Hand, Shoulder, Scap, and Trunk strength)

Superman (Promotes Scapular Stability and Thoracic Spine Strength)

Push Up to Pike (Promotes Elbow, Wrist, Hand, Shoulder, Trunk, Hamstring Length, and Ankle Mobility)

Full Front Plank to Full Side Plank (Promotes Elbow, Wrist, Hand, Shoulder Stability in Flexion and Abduction and Rotational Trunk Stability)

Reverse Lunge

Standing Reverse Iron Cross with Band (How Many Reps Can You Achieve in 15 seconds)

Standing Reverse Goal Post with Band (How Many Reps Can You Achieve in 15 seconds)

Manual External Rotation Eccentric (Partner Move)