• MSF Program

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    Hi, My Name is Dr. Tracy Clark and I am the Founder/Owner of the BalanceBat.Academy and the designer of the Balance Bat and Snapper. Currently, I am a business owner, athletic performance researcher and instructor, and a middle school computer science teacher. As a former baseball player and now performance researcher, I continue to look […]

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  • Athletic Long Term Development (ALTD)

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    Increasing overall Force Production is the key to developing outstanding hitters. Understanding that strengthening the muscles of the body increases the thickness of Tendons and Ligaments. When Tendons and Ligaments are thicker they are able to resist tension loads and protect the body. The formula to developing hitters comes down to: Develop athletes first and […]

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  • Swing Events

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    Swing events are those moments during a hitter’s engagement with the pitcher. Pitchers are able to control so much of the game, but pitchers cannot control the approach of the hitter. When breaking down each of the swing events a hitter can learn to understand how each event creates a singular moment in time. And […]

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