The MoVe

The MoVe Is Continuous With Tension Until Lead Foot Plant

Main Swing Approach


You must create a lower leg stretch against the upper body. When you create a trail hip stretch that crosses the Posterior Obliques up into the shoulders while slightly moving forward during the pitchers forward move you develop a dynamic system that allows the joints to compress while stretching the fascia. This stretch allows the body to stay connected with no wiggles. As a result, when the lead foot strikes the ground the hand pivot triggers the release of the stretch. The Kinematic Sequence (KS) is pre-set during the stretching phase of the body and when the hand pivot triggers the release the KS sequence releases in the required order to fire the barrel. The trail hip fires too and through the ball while the hand pivot fires towards either the 2nd baseman or short stop depending on if you are a right- or left-handed hitter. The body wants to repeat the last movement pattern every time; so as long as the body is fully stretched the body can be trained to fire the release of the stretch with a hand pivot trigger.


  1. Load the Body Frame with a Hip Hinge (allows the hip to rotate) & Upper Frame Window with a Tipped Bat (Pre – Pitch)
    • Great Hitters load their body and stride to Balance position the same way every pitch
  2. Time your body not the pitcher when the pitcher breaks their hands (Pitcher Moving)
  3. When Stretching and Firing (SNF) Stretching Move is Slow to Fast while moving slightly forward towards the pitcher and maintaining your hip hinge – Helps with staying connection because it removes slack in the body (Pitcher Moving)
    • Balance is Key to maintaining SNF and creating an effortless Barrel Whip
    • SNF is stored energy in Torso which = Torque as you can hold the energy, pause, and then release the energy
  4. At pitch release you will be ¾ done with your stretch / stride (Pitch Release)
  5. Fire the hands Launch with Launch Quickness (Barrel Launch)
    • Fire Hands 1st to Trigger the Swing by tipping the bat slightly and then turning the bat behind you and towards oppo position player every time
  6. Fire Trail Hip Too and Through the Ball (Oppo – Middle – Inside) while maintaining the Upper Frame Window post contact (Barrel Launch)
  7. Finish Balanced (Post Contact)

Drill Support


Focus – Pre Load the Body

  • Grip
    • Bottom Hand Thumb Align with Forearm
    • Top Hand Knuckles Point Towards Forearm
  • Pre set the Body to Set Joint Positions
  1. Trail Knee is inside trail ankle
  2. Trail Foot is pushing into the ground flat
  3. Create a small hip hinge in order for the trail hip to rotate
  4. Pelvis and Shoulders stay square to Line of Direction
  5. Create and Maintain The Window
  6. Set your Arm Frame & Tip Your Bat

Prep & Dry Work

  • Mirror + Rod Holds + Balance Bat Holds + Pre-Pitch Body Loading

Trail Leg & Hip Loading

Focus – Trail Glute Pointing Towards Pitcher so Trail Hip can Rotate and creates a STRETCH across the back

Prep & Dry Work

  • Mirror
  • PC360 Partner Hip Mini Rotations
  • Trail Leg Disk + Band Attached to Top Hand Grinding
  • Lead Foot Medicine Ball Push Stretch
  • Water Bag Quick Stops & Trail Hip Stretch Forward
  • Trail Hip Wedge Stretch
  • Water Bag Overhead Split Stance Jump Switches

Tee & Cage Work

  • Trail Hip Disk Grinding + Light Swings
  • No Stride…Split Grip + Flat Bat + Tennis Balls
  • Flat Bat + Tennis Balls..
  • Check Swings with PVC Gate – Balance Bat
    • 90* + 45* + Square
    • Don’t Cross the Chest Mid Line – Turn Behind the Chest Mid Line
  • Lead Foot Medicine Ball Push

Stretch & Launch

Focus – Continually Load the joints by removing all slack in the body while keeping the pelvis and shoulders square

Prep & Dry Work

  • Archer J Band Pulls (Oppo – Middle – Inside)
  • Med Ball Trail Hip Load Shot Put (Oppo – Middle – Inside)
  • No Stride – PVC Back of Shoulders Landing
  • Trail Hip Single Leg Bridge & Hip Thrust
  • Trail Hip Launch – 45* open Tennis Ball Hip Thrust
  • Bat Across Chest for Shoulder Line Freeze with Trail Hip Rotation
  • Water Bag Trail Hip Load Quick Stops & Tic Toc’s

Tee & Cage Work

  • Lead Foot Wedge (Lead Leg Blocking – Pelvis Breaking)
  • PVC + Water Bag + 90* + 45* + Square No Stride Trail Leg Loading Launch & Step Over Drill Progression

Turn The Barrel


  • Turning the Barrel with Tipping the Barrel Forward and Turning Behind increases Barrel Torque (It’s a little running start to create more torque)
    • The Turning of the Barrel is done without any extra Shoulder Turn (BHUT – Maybe)
  • Don’t Cross the Chest Mid Line – Turn Behind the Chest Mid Line (A Barrel Push Sign)
  • Maintain Snap Speed Too and Through Contact

Prep & Dry Work

  • Wrist Prep
    • Squeezes + Roll Ups + Rotations
  • Mirror Patterning
    • PVC : Pelvis & Shoulders Square (Grind the Hip)
    • PVX – Hand Pivot Loads & Check Swings
      • Stop Swings Oppo + Middle + Inside Pitch (Turn Knob Up)
    • Flat bat, snapper, and balance bat
      • The MoVe + Tip The Bat and Running it Backwards Behind The Body
      • Square Stance
    • No Stride
  • PVC Hand Snaps & Check Swings
  • One Hand Tip & Turn’s
  • Snapper Split Grip Turns

Tee Work

  • No Stride…Split Grip + Flat Bat + Tennis Balls
  • Flat Bat + Tennis Balls..
  • Check Swings with PVC Gate – Balance Bat
    • 90* + 45* + Square
    • Don’t Cross the Chest Mid Line – Turn Behind the Chest Mid Line

Front Toss – Tennis Balls

  • Fishing Net

Side Toss – Tennis Balls

  • Flat Bat + Wall
  • Flat Bat + Trail Leg Disk
  • Flat Bat + Trail Leg Disk & Foot to Top Hand Band

Cage Work – All Check Swings

  • No Stride..Flat Bat + Tennis Balls + Lead Foot Wedge
  • Insider Bat + Tennis Balls
    • Front Toss & Machine
      • No Stride Check Swing + 45* Open
        • Stretch Check Swing
      • Game Swings