Athletic Long Term Development Approach



Increasing overall Force Production is the key to developing outstanding hitters. Understanding that strengthening the muscles of the body increases the thickness of Tendons and Ligaments. When Tendons and Ligaments are thicker they are able to resist tension loads and protect the body. The formula to developing hitters comes down to:

  1. Develop athletes first and then hitters
  2. Increase the athletes ‘Elastic Potential Force’ by improving pre-tension joint positions and compression (Bio-Tensegrity)
  3. Control the athletes ‘Kinetic Energy’ (Rotational Acceleration) by training athletes with the use of instability movement patterns

Our team training approach included both the development of the athlete with regards to strength, mobility, speed, agility, and swing mechanics that include body stability, visual awareness, and live game adjustments.

Movements at the joints are the result of forces that produce movement at the joint competing against forces resisting that movement. Muscle shortening contraction will produce joint motion while the weight of the structure or tightness will resist the movement. When the body has pre-tension balanced through the entire body the body has the ability to distribute force and maintain stability.

Bio-tensegrity structures stabilize themselves through a phenomenon known as pre-stress. The counteracting forces of tension and compression, which equilibrate throughout the structure, are what enable it to stabilize itself (Ingber, 1998). Additionally, the pre-tension allows the body to self-organize and control the body’s proprioception movement patterns.

Bio-Tensegrity encompasses:

  • Muscle Structures
  • Bony Structures
  • Facial Structures

Our player development approach begins with developing athletes and then developing hitters.


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