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The Balance Bat Academy (BBA) Full Membership allows the member Two  Private 30-minute lessons a month (Additional Small Group Lessons will be $40 per session), all online classes, access to new research, and receive Remote Training with the support of your Training Hub. Our Athletic Development Profile (ADP) allows Balance Bat Academy athletes to remote train with a purpose with either Dr. Clark or other trainers within the Balance Bat Academy facility. This will be a membership only opportunity. Athletes will have access to their Rapsodo (, 4D Motion (, Blast Motion Profile, Laser Gate, Force Plate, and Video data.

Athletes will utilize the Coach Me App to track their daily progress while maintaining an adjustable training program.

What do you get?

  • Two Strength Training Sessions Per Week
  • One Speed Training Session Per Week
  • Two Skill Face to Face Training Sessions Per Month (30 Minute Session)
    • Hitting
    • Throwing
    • Fielding
  • One Remote Training Per Month (Zoom Training)
  • Full Screening with Video Analysis
  • One Certified Athletic Training Consultation Per Month
  • Personal Online Course
  • Individual Remote Training Program with Coach Me App (8 Week Individual Training Programming)
  • Rapsodo Profile
  • 4D Profile
  • Online courses
  • College Recruiting Consultation
  • Nutritional Consultation
  • In addition, the membership will offer limited free access to the facility during off-hours.

The ADP process will include:

  • Initial Athlete Interview & Goal Setting
  • Physical Screening
  • Skill Specific Screening
  • 3 Week Ramp Up Program Design
  • 8 Week Program Design with 2 Week Screening Checks
  • Recruiting Profile Plan

Screening Test

Power & Strength Metrics (Ground Force & Torque)

  • Broad Jump
  • Vertical Jump
  • Trap Bar Deadlift
  • 10 Yard 25 pound Sled Push
  • Core Sit-up Medicine Ball Chest Pass
  • Seated Medicine Ball Chest Pass
  • Grip Strength
  • Split Lunge
  • Pull Up
  • Plank
  • Push Up

Athleticism (Laser Gate Time)

  • Pro Agility
  • Ladder 2 Feet (Quickness)
  • Ladder Icky Shuffle (Change of Direction)
  • Ladder Typewriter (Body Control & Coordination)

Speed (Laser Gate Time)

  • 5 Yard Sprint
  • 10 Yard Sprint
  • 15 Yard Sprint
  • 20 Yard Sprint
  • 30 Yard Sprint
  • 40 Yard Sprint
  • 60 Yard Sprint
  • 80 Yard Sprint

Baseball & Softball (Radar Gun – 4D Motion – Rapsodo)

  • Arm Speed
  • Pop Time
  • Exit Speed
  • Launch Angle

All questions should go to Dr. Clark at or 610.329.7179

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