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The Balance Bat Academy (BBA) Full Membership allows the member Three (3) days (90 Minutes) a week in the facility to train with an individual Athletic Development Program (ADP) advisor. This membership is limited to 50 baseball and/or softball players.

Members will offer limited free access to the facility during off-hours with their own private key code. 

Athletes will have access or receive the following:

  • Baseline Assessment
  • BBA.Systems recruiting, training, and learning profile
  • Remote Training
  • Rapsodo National Recruiting Profile
  • Biomechanical Training Profile
  • Blast Motion Profile
  • Recruiting Video
  • Monthly Test Days

The membership focus is enhancing movement, strength, and speed indicators while improving individual skills. In order to do this; members will get:

  • Two Strength Training Sessions Per Week
  • One Speed Training Session Per Week
  • Skill Face to Face Training Sessions
    • Throwing – Pitching – Fielding – Hitting
  • Full Screening with Video Analysis
  • One Certified Athletic Training Consultation Per Month

The ADP process will include:

  • Initial Athlete Interview & Goal Setting
  • Physical Screening
  • Skill Specific Screening
  • 2 Week Ramp Up Program Design
  • 5 Week Program Design with Screening Checks
  • Recruiting Profile Plan

Screening Tests

Power & Strength Metrics (Ground Force & Torque)

  • Broad Jump – Vertical Jump – Trap Bar Deadlift (MSF)
  • Top Velo Medicine Ball Throw
  • Grip Strength

Athleticism (Laser Gate Time)

  • Pro Agility – Wicket Typewriter Change of Direction

Speed (Laser Gate Time)

  • 10 Yard Sprint – 40 Yard Sprint – 60 Yard Sprint

Baseball & Softball (Radar Gun – 4D Motion – Rapsodo)

  • Run & Gun (Arm Speed)
  • Mound Velo
  • Pop Time
  • Exit Speed

All questions should go to Dr. Clark at or 610.329.7179

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1 x Week, 2 x Week, Unlimited x Week


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