When simulating game like situations and stimulations; players must physically experience the same level of stress. The additional stress in practice will help players ‘slow the game down’ during the game. The faster you practice, the heavier of loads your hit and throw, and the mental stress that a player
will feel only helps the performance of the player. The immediate byproduct is that the player’s performance I.Q. will improve.

Game Like Pitching Reaction Times

Reference: Jason Ochart https://goo.gl/YxR0KU - @Jason_cOchart

Speed - MPH Time - Seconds
95 0.4
85 0.44
80 0.47
75 0.5
Ideal Speed When Throwing From
Front Toss 15 feet BP 35 ft
26 59
23 54
22 51
21 48
Ideal Distance to Throw From
Pitching Machine Speed
45 mph 50 mph 55 mph
26 ft 29 ft 32 ft
29 ft 32 ft 35 ft
31 ft 34 ft 38 ft
33 ft 36 ft 40 ft

Launch Angle Heights

Formula - Distance * Tangent ( Degrees)

If you are working on a 20* Launch Angle from off a Batting Tee and into a Batting Sock the formula would be 3 x tan(20).
You would then measure that distance from the top of the Batting Tee and make a mark on the batting sock.